Startup Weekend Gaming 2013


After 3 great and successful Startup Weekend events here in Hamburg, we are very happy and a bit proud to announce our next event: Startup Weekend Gaming 2013 takes place from 15th – 17th November 2013!

It’s the first themed Startup Weekend, especially crafted for game developers of all kind!

Why Gaming?

Video games are no new thing: They existed since the first bits ran through the first computers. Most of you probably heard of Pong from 1972, but there were already earlier attempts to have fun with electronic devices.

However, video games in the early days were mostly a hobby of computer scientists and nerds. This changed dramatically with the rise of smartphones, tablets and Facebook. Games became something nearly everybody tried and many liked. Nowadays, there are many different technologies with mobile and browser games with billions of players all over the world.

Why Gaming in Hamburg?

Hamburg has one of the biggest game development industries in Germany and probably the biggest browser game industry throughout Europe. There are not only many big players, like Bigpoint, InnoGames and Goodgame Studios, but also a great startup landscape which grew here in the last few years.

This is the perfect area to get together highly motivated, ambitious founders who are willing to find a team for their very own Indie Game Startup.

How does a Startup Weekend work?

If you never joined a Startup Weekend before, you may wonder what this is all about.

Short answer: No Talk, All Action. Launch a Startup in 54 hours!

tl;dr: It’s hard to describe, but we will try. You all come together on a Friday evening, everybody of you had at least played with the thought to found a great, new startup which will change the gaming world as we know it. Most of you will have a game idea in mind they always wanted to develop. And now they have the chance to present this idea within 60 seconds to the audience. The ideas which are most popular among the participants are chosen to build teams around them.

These teams will keep working hard on these ideas over the weekend. They are supported by experienced mentors from the game industry, but they have to decide on their own how to advance the idea. Do some great concept arts? Work on the game design? Build a prototype? Or a bit of everything? The choice is with the participants, but no matter what they do, remember: No Talk, All Action.

On Sunday your team will present their results in front of the crowd and a bunch of judges, which will provide invaluable feedback for your further way. Because remember: This weekend may only be the starting point of your great new game startup!

For detailed information, have a look at the homepage and the schedule for the event and/or visit this great trailer.

What’s special about this one?

As mentioned before, this one is a themed event, focusing on gaming. Most of our organizers are working in game development and we really like the idea of supporting and helping to grow the Indie game development scene in Germany and especially here in Hamburg. What would be more fascinating than having one or two new Indie startups with a great game idea arise from the event which we all might play when it is finished?

So here are some things we like to point out so every participant knows what to expect from the weekend:

  • The pitched ideas have to be about a game or a project which supports game development (e.g. middleware)
  • Platform doesn’t matter: Browser, mobile, console, PC, Virtual Reality,… The people like to play everywhere!
  • An idea which only has some gamification aspects (e.g. a web platform,…) is NOT enough. Serious games on the other side are welcome.

Where does it happen?

We are very, very happy that we found a superior location for our event: Bigpoint will provide their headquarters in the heart of Hamburg for the weekend! „Innovation is critical for our industry, it is the fundamental characteristic that will ensure we keep bringing new concepts and ideas to players. We’re proud to be backing ‘Startup Weekend’ and bring together entrepreneurs, developers and game designers. I am already looking forward to see the first results of their collaboration in our Hamburg office”, says Khaled Helioui, Managing Director of Bigpoint.

We will provide more detailed location information (e.g. how to get there, where to park,…) in a separate post soon.

Thank you very much again at this point for supporting us in such an amazing way! At this point we like to mention that we are still looking for more great sponsors who like to support highly motivated, ambitious game developers! Just make contact with us so we can give you more details about the sponsoring possibilities.

How to participate?

So you are now as excited as we are? Than just go to to grab your ticket! For the first participants we provided some Early Bird tickets at a reduced rate!

If there are any questions left, don’t hesitate to send us a mail at And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date about the event.