How you convince developers to join your team


In only a few hours the StartupWeekend action starts. A pitchfire launches the next 54 hours full of great ideas to be shaped, decisions to be made, teams to be formed and loads of work to be done. 54 hours filled with the spirit to finally pitch that awesome business or product your customers will love. And time and time again it’s the same challenge:

How to convice the few valued developers to join my team?

Of course you need an inspiring pitch to win them over! Today at the Pitching Bootcamp, the Pitch Doctor Christoph gave some great insights, rules and tips on how to do a great pitch. So here is what you should pitch to your desired developers:

1. Problem – who has it, what do you want to solve?

2. Your solution (if you have it already)

3. Who are you?

4. Who do you need/ want? – Developers, right?

5. Call to action – Let’s do this!

In order to practice Christoph had a rather unusual advice: List 5 things on why you are awesome – and pitch it every morning to yourself! If you love your idea – it’s much easier to get developers to love it as well.

Alright, you got them. Now let’s talk MVP. But how to keep developers happy all weekend long?

Implement processes they know. Sure they will contribute to your business model canvas. But in the end, they’d also love to code. A solution is this advice from Stavros, this years’ facilitator, on how to manage the team:


– Have a project manager

– Have regular Standup Meetings

– one every 120 Minutes

-Do Kanban or Scrum

-To do, doing, done


Congrats – you managed to build an MVP your customer love in 54 hours!

But what now? Come talk to us! We love successful projects – and clean code of course. We build strong apps and backends. We have yearlong online media experience and expertise and we always consult professional and honest. We are Njiuko – and we are lovingly crafting software.

Enjoy this special Weekend!




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